Gamecraft is Fully Loaded

Put an end to the resultless loyalty & employee motivational programs or tracking down what customers say on social media. With Gamecraft, we boast the best features that will help you engage & manage your relationships with ease.

Watch your Business Grow

Goal Based Campaign Management

Run engagement campaigns in line with your marketing strategy. In Gamecraft, customizable campaigns makes it easy to drive actions and reward users for their participation, which finally drives engagement that achieves business goals.

Branded Reward Store

Create an enriching experience for your Users. Have your own branded Reward Store that can stock all kinds of merchandised, physical and virtual gifts for loyal users to redeem their hard earned points or currency.

Seamless Social Engagement

Track & reward positive actions about your brand on Social Media. Social Connect allows you to reward Social Media actions and use Gamecraft's game mechanics to keep them engaged and encourage them to do more desired actions.

Build Personalized Experiences

Gamecraft's rich personalisation features allows you to customize all aspects of your gamification program to match your brand and personality. Personalized experiences can drive the desired actions your application or site need.

Advance Gamification Rule Engine

Build a powerful engagement using Gamecraft's Rule Engine. Built on scalable infrastructure, Gamecraft Rule Engine provides and intuitive & infinitely configurable Rule Engine to build your engagement platform.

Complete Gamification Elements

Gamecraft provides comprehensive & extendible Gamification elements from Achievements & Badges to Rewards & Skills. Whether you are building a game or an enterprise application, Gamecraft has you covered.

Powerful Big Data Analytics

Analyze & refine the way you engage your customers. Gamecraft provides powerful analytics platform which can process millions of interactions to give you an insight into customer's behavior.

Intuitive User Interface

Gamecraft provides rich user experience by giving complex functionality, advance level customizations and user-friendly interface to the product. Leading to little or no learning curve for marketing team to use it.

Easy Admin Controls

Securely manage engagement across all your applications and websites from one unified interface. Easily configure Gamecraft parameters using an intuitive interface with no forms, no wizards & no complex menu to remember.

Realtime Notifications

Notify your users with updates on a real-time basis based on the event triggered by their actions. Create your custom notifications & show it to a select set of audience based on pre-defined rules.

Gamecraft comes fully Loaded

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