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Design custom rules specific to selected ecommerce transactions, award points & badges, set quests & give rewards. Your customers won't want to leave.

Employee Motivation

A happy team is a productive team. Let Gamecraft motivate your employees with its system of achievements and rewards. They're going to love it!

Customer Loyalty

With Gamecraft's sophisticated system of points, achievements, leaderboards and ranking, you can lay your worries of Customer Loyalty to rest.

Social Network

The rise of social media makes it a superior tool to engage with customers. Gamify this process to firmly establish your brand. Who knows, it may even go viral!

Sales Teams

Design custom sales target rules specific to your team to award points and rewards to give motivate, incentive to and reward your sales team.


Make learning fun! It's no secret that children dislike studies. What better way to engage them than by making it as fun as any game? Everybody wins!

Brand Loyalty

Great brands are formed by loyal customers. Let customers feel rewarded for their loyalty by earning points and then using them for what they really want.

Event Management

It's a known fact that attendees at events are often only passively engaged. Spin this around by gamifying your event. Command their undivided attention.

Channel Partners

An engaged and inspired partner is key to a successful channel strategy. Gamification can help channel sales teams be up to date with the latest products.

Call Centres

Keeping the call centre motivated is key to customer retention. Gamification provides ample incentive and rewards for high performing employees.

Employee On-boarding

Help new employees get familiar with their new jobs by gamifying the onboarding process. Measure their performance and help them improve in weak areas.

Training & Development

Gamify the training process to make it more interesting and engaging. Let points, rewards and achievements provide incentive for employees.